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Originally Posted by yrunotriding View Post
I say make the grab and head north Digiamo , because all I hear is big-talk and no action. Wait and see seems to be wait and sleep. The sooner you give this new egg some credos and history the sooner the big-boys will play again (unless they are too old to saddle a bike now {just egging on
here}). If I am being provocative here I apologize not.
I would be honored to make the grab from you Digiamo with-in a 200 mile radius of Baltimore if you decide to bring the egg north.

I understand completely the desire to do what is necessary to keep the game active but even I have to say it feels a little odd taking requests for drop locations close to FF's houses.
Interesting concept though, even given the fact that many of us here in ADVland pride ourselves on our riding through great distances and many obstacles of weather and road (and non-road) conditions. In many cases, for not much more reward than a meal with a friend. As such, I would be embarrassed to request a drop near me, except in cases where I need to grab Cosmo before a big trip.
This TOR has the widest range of any I know and it requires the participation of riders with wide ranges

I am reluctant to grab my own egg drop.
Given that, if I were traveling north with Cosmo, my nagging desire is to drop him really close to TH's house. A little proximity visit with Our Precious
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