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Point for point...

Originally Posted by Thorazine
Just good ol points. ... But I have serious problems with timing topped with proportional ignorance of its causes. It's bizarre. I'll start a new thread soon. I expect your input. Be ready--get ready to brain.

And as for the Dumb Ass award, it's only Thursday. I have loads of time to cement my status with some extra credit activities--could even orchestrate a spillover effect, guaranteeing a second consecutive triumph. Who knows how far I could take it? I see a bright future.

a) Ah, I can see the benefit of points (eg roadside replacement etc.) but I always get them wrong, and for my level of disinterest/inability in the general area of mechano-masochism they need too much attention.

I set the Boyer Beancan 3 years ago by ear (falling revs either side of a peak at 'right' I was told, a bit like tuning a geetar by oscillating differential harmonics I thought) & apart from a mm or so tweaking by a strobed up 'The Dave' at the 1st MOT test it's not needed touching since. And in the end that sort of shit works for me. I was building a B(MW)itsa so wasn't constrained by what Helmut At The Factory did whenever he did it. I just took the best of what I had in boxes & collided them into a 'bike'. So at the end of the day I couldn't comment on /6 or /7 variants My lump of a bike was based on -

The original DMW donor, with my Rat K75 hiding in the background.

a cont.) But it came with siezed big end(s), bad jugs, no carbs & without bevel & gearbox which got hoiked off for someones spares pile. I was asked 50 inc delivery so threw in a tenner for a pint or two. I threw the front end and various bits (clocks/bars/rack/sidepanels/mirrors/rear mudfenderguard & light/indicators etc.) at Pjcr12shelvesfullofbits & stuck a K75s front end in it (I think, may be K100, don't recall), and generally bastardised the rest thru/ough a combination of a desire to have things all my way, an allergy to 'finish' & the aforementioned/amply evidenced mechanical misanthropy. '79 reg. It had another pre '82 block put in it but I chewed the big ends while out collecting The Standard One, about which this thread was established. You know, before it became really confusing which bike we were posting about (post 12?)... It was then cheaper/easier to stick a post '82 lump in it than drag the block apart, grind the crank & rods & re-shell them. There's a pic of the damaged shells somewhere early in the thread, on a spotty table cloth?

b) It's beyond kind for you to infer I may have some viable input but I can give you my post now if it helps - You know that previous bit where I said about fitting a E-Ignition & Hall Sensor? That's it there.

c) Re Dumb Ass Award, are we not all default weekly recipients as shown by hanging round this here thing of a thread? I guess, for all of us, it's less a competition & more ritual self placement in the public stocks with a sort of 'You'll never guess what I...' feel to it? I've come to terms with the fact that the hit rates* go up the more absurd the mistakes become But I can't award it to myself every week so, for what it's worth, for outstanding invention of a new pre-change oil drain 'method' you get this, whatever I manage to pull of in the remaining 24hrs of the award period: elm.jpg

You must of course return it next Thursday (US time) so that I can award it to myself again... Unless, as you say, you manage to pull off another winning D'Oh for the roll over. Now don't go making shit up, reality presents enough idiocies for us to keep it real huh?

* As if on-line metrics mean much, right now showing 395,604.
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