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Originally Posted by I Am Murphy View Post
I'm not sure of the tire code, but I could call Earl and have him read it off to me tomorrow. I do know my rim is 16" x 3", if that helps.

...On a side note, this whole incident got me looking again for a custom wheel (18" x 3") to mount a dual sport tire...Any body know where I would look for something like that?
I've tried TryDNA after a recommendation, but they told me they couldn't make it. It seems impossible to me that there is no one on Earth who would be willing to lace an '01 Sporty appropriate hub to an 18"x3" wheel, but I haven't found them yet. I need to keep trying because I know it's out there, but if anyone has any leads that might simplify the search, I'd sure appreciate it. For the mean time though, it's gonna be whatever tire you have, ban2go, or Earl thinks he might have a used one that can get me through another season.
I'm certainly no expert , but I would have thought finding an 18 wheel for the most often modified motorcycle ,ever ,would be easy .
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