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Originally Posted by flyingdutchman177 View Post
After spending some time with you, you got me thinking about a couple of things:

I think i am going to sell my big BMW when i am finished with in Europe and then finish my trip on a smaller bike that will not limit me

The other thing is i am thinking it might be nice to leave some room for a passenger to travel with me. Afterall, i will be heading thru Ukraine this summer

For now, i am enjoying riding my big 250 thru Vietnam. I don't know how i got in' but i am not asking questions
250 is perfect in Vietnam.. I bet it would be perfect in Africa also..
Or a 690... or you could take a look at a CCM 450. Its got a re-designed/bastard child BMW(Kymco) motor in it

Originally Posted by DOR.esk724 View Post
Hmm..kinda late..but subscribed.
Just finished reading the first 200 pages, and what an adventure!!
Thank you Noah, for taking me along.. It's been amazing.
Will be following you until you get back...
Happy trails..
Thanks for coming along. Its been interesting.

Originally Posted by SM8084 View Post
After two terms of school I fell behind slightly, but I'm caught up now. After 200+ pages I noticed you switched helmets. Could you possibly give me some pros and cons for both?

First I had the Shoei DS. It was good but it didn't quite fit my huge head right. When I went down in Yellowstone I got a concussion and bashed the helmet up pretty bad. I figured it was time for a new one.

I tried on the Arai and it fit amazing. Plus the bright yellow is pretty sweet. Although now it has faded.

Both helmets are good. but the Arai is better quality I think. The visor is softer plastic and won't break if you drop the helmet. I know because I've dropped it a lot. I don't like that the vent covers are attached with double sided tape on the Arai. I've lost 2 vent covers now... so they just stay off. I would pick the Arai over the Shoei if I did it again. Better quality, quieter and better ventilation. Also better fit (in my opinion) but that might just be my head.
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