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Originally Posted by SPX View Post
FWIW, I have experienced similar to this when oil got old. Do you know for certain that the six hundred mile service, with an oil change, was done?
The PO said he did the 600 mile service himself, but I didn't ask if he changed the oil so I'm not certain. Even so, 1650 miles is well below the 4k mile mark for changing oil.

Originally Posted by ec90t View Post
My first few outings on my new 2013 had me scratching my head about downshifting. I realized that at times, I hadn't allowed the shifter to completely reset (I was still pushing down on it slightly) before attempting to downshift again.

The cure, adjusted the shifter height and all was good.
Don't think it's my foot since I usually ride with the ball of my foot on the peg. A couple of times when I couldn't get it to shift, I lifted my foot off the shifter and kicked it down a bit harder. Still no luck then.

Maybe it has more to do with the shifter not completely returning to the neutral position. That's probably why some people reported success when they cleaned the shift pivot bolt.
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