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Originally Posted by luni View Post
Your bike is better than a stock 2014. The only difference is the different dashboard, electronic cruise control, and electronic suspension. Dashboard is a moot point, it's aesthetic unless is plugs into the electric widgets. You already have cruise control. Electronic adjustable suspension isn't better than a well sorted aftermarket suspension if it gives you another component to fail in the middle of nowhere and is still undersprung.

Put down the parts catalog and go riding.

Honestly I looked at the new 2014s and they had all the shiny gadgets that I was drooling over when the 1190 came out and all the features I wish my 2012 had. Then I seriously looked at the differences between me well farkled 2012 and then new 2014 and the only noteworthy difference was electronic cruise control and like that I was over it.

Save yourself a few thousands bucks and just make a new tool tube or get one of those stupid gremlin bells.
That's about the same conclusion I arrived at. I also heard from an informal source the some reviewers weren't that crazy about the new electronic suspension, they said (off the record) that even the older style BMW ESA worked better.
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