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Laugh Ride the World already

Helpful feedback. Thank you Mr. grumpy icon.

Let me add another possibility why TAG's stall in addition to reasons such as "I don't wanna ride far" or "I don't wanna ride in certain environs". "The road is too rough" or "The road is to smooth and straight". "Too much traffic...blah blah"
We all have ridden traffic for less reason than a wide ranging TAG pick-up run.

Negative feedback to active players is a turnoff and does not encourage new people to get involved.

Look, the logo phrase on the opening page of this Forum is: Adventure Rider, Ride the World. Well, the world includes all those place and for we adventurers our goal is to, I thought, ride places we never were before. It's not always going to be a fire road at the top of a tall mountain. There could be any or all of those conditions along the way to the ideal mountain top drop location.

I said it before, I say it again if you don't like the current drop location, grab Cosmo and change it.

It will also have the effect of getting me off rant mode. OK, I'll shut least until the next critic chimes in.
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