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Digiamo, just for the record, I wasn't insulting the drop. Hell, I've dropped tags in some crappy locations before just to taunt the weak and challenge the go-getters. I used to spend a lot of time in Tampa for work, and occasionally took the motorcycle instead of flying. I gave up though, as I didn't find the riding in South Tampa enjoyable, nor the slab trip down there. From where I am located, any trip to Florida is long, straight, and downright boring. With limited time these days, I'm only going to make a multi-state run if the ride really entices me. I've somehow become that guy who has to choose his ride time wisely. :(

A non-destination site often does best when the local taggers get involved and move it around in small increments. Eventually someone will swoop in for a long haul, and everyone stays happy while it moves.

Winter is coming to an end, and everyone is at their bitchiest this time of year. Give it a few weeks and Cosmo will be on the road. ;)

Of course, wb57 could loan me his Connie and I'll go rescue Cosmo this weekend. Slab might not be so boring with a Connie. :cool:

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