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Is this bike ok for going on fairly easy gravel trails and loose but yet firmly packed surfaces? I'm not talking a river bed traversing boulder field climbing mountain goat, but your typical gravel road...

I'm looking at a second hand 2011-2012 bike (pre skyhook) as I think that would already be something from another world for me, even without the magic carpet ride suspension. Besides, there is some fun in twiddling with your suspension settings the old skool way (for me at least) and a standard ohlins setup will already be better than anything I have owned before. So I'm not worried about that. Besides, on a standard road your progression (forward momentum) depends on so many variables that, while admittedly being much more efficient, I would never notice the second here and there you might gain in a turn or hairpin. But I agree it is the future! Multi, caponord, FJR, tenere, bmw, all have active or semiactive suspension at the moment!

I like gadgets and new shiny tech as much as everyone else, but when it starts clouding rational judgement, that is when I jump of the hype train (as good as it might be!) :) A 13000 euro 2012 with 10000 km versus a 21000 euro 2013 just doesn't make any sense for the skyhook alone :) (also says a lot about depreciation of this bike! yikes, but ok...)

Just a few questions, what is wind protection like for a TALL guy (6'4") and what screen do you recommend. Also, is it possible to get aftermarket seats? I test rode a multi like one and a half years ago, I noticed that with my built, I was sliding forward a bit in the seat. You also sit fairly close to the bars or more upfront 'in' the motorcycle than on some other bikes, but that is just a matter of getting used to it. However the tendency to slide forward a bit stayed with me, maybe I need to test ride another one soon.

Aside from that, I feel like this might be the most reliable ducati in ages? I see fairly little complaints for such a sexy exclusive motorcycle (and as we all know, reliability is inversely proportional to sexyness :) ) and the 24000 km major service intervals are music to my ears. good job ducati!
Typical gravel and dirt roads no problem long as it's dry. Any mud you'll want different tires.
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