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As a noob to riding, I have a curious question. Is it normal that I am slightly unsettled by turning sharply? I've only been riding in the yard on my ninja. But it feels as though it is going to slide out from under me. Im still practicing just curious if the feeling will go away? :

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You bought a Ninja as a first bike? And you're practicing on grass? Something is wrong with this picture...
Had a similar feeling when I bought my first bike after decades off the road. Left hand turns in particular felt really 'wobbly' I put it down to being older/more nervous/inexperience on a big bike etc. Fell off the damn thing on my own driveway turning off it to boot. Finally decided 'I'm too old for this, must have lost my sense of balance or nerve or something' and went to sell it. Turns out - the headset was ever so slightly misaligned. It was subtle enough that you could not really tell by just looking but just enough that it threw the steering off enough to make it might want to check out that your bike is in alignment before taking it further :)
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