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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Thanks Dan ...
I got distracted here, a mate of mine went and had a heart attack ... the dumbass... but it looks like he's going to pull thru fine.

I agree filling in the back adds only a little bit of value, if any, based on where we can fill in and where my last one cracked....

I'm thinking of "bedding" the two brackets together with some medium viscosity epoxy ... but perhaps it wouldn't stick well ...
another and maybe I'll get it together............
Glad your friend's prognosis is good.

My guess, and it is indeed a guess, is that the primary value of adding the sticky plate to the setup is that its brackets help hold the clamp during removal of the SMH-10 and it also fills in some of the gap, making for less stress when you tighten the clamp screws.

I plan to employ a new technique every time I remove the radio from the clamp, using either my thumb or other hand to maintain pressure on the upper part of the bracket, pressing toward the helmet, when unlatching the SMH-10.

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