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Going to the dealer with an under-powered Terra any tips?

I'm headed tomorrow to my dealer (Big D, Woodland Park, CO)for a MOSS session, oil change and check up @ 4K mostly off-road miles. MY bike has always been under-powered compared to my BMW Sertao. If the Beemer puts out 50 ponies the Terra could not be greater than 44 IMHO. I had it on the MOSS at 600 miles,which didn't change anything. The bike feels like it has a potato up the tailpipe and will stall unexpectedly, especially in the first 1/2 hour. It runs much better warm than cold, but overheats rather easily at temps above 90F. I have never checked the air filter. I ride alone and don't encounter much dust. If the air box assembly/design is faulty and has dirt in it, shouldn't that be a warranty issue?
I have a fairly loud metallic clunk in my front end. I and a friend spent two hours trying to diagnose and couldn't find anything askew although we both agree it feels and sounds like a lose head bearing. I also have a slightly scary head shake at 70 MPH. We tightened the head bearing nut about 1/4 turn but no improvement. The action is very smooth.
My question: Can any of you think of any culprits that would make my Terra so hesitant? Any tips on what to ask the dealers mechanic to do or check out? Any clues on the clunk? Mahalo
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