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Just got my Sena SMH10-11 on Thursday and have now done two rides with it.
Overall impressions: very, very, very good.
The Wife hasn't joined me yet so don't know how the intercom function will be, despite us talking to one another in the living room the other night with our helmets paired.
My iPhone 5 works beautifully with it: easy to pair and I just tap the phone button and tell Siri who to call and it's done. Fantastic!
Speaker volume is good, if not great, but that may be a matter of repositioning them within the helmet just a little bit. I spoke on the phone with my wife this morning, going 70, and she said it sounded clear as a bell. It's taken me a few times to get the boom mic positioned where I want it but I think I've got it down.
My only "problem" so far is that I was unable to get the Sena Device Manager to recognize either of our units. It's probably more on my end: I'm using a complete P.O.S. old XP laptop I bought for $40.00 from my company (after they imaged it) and despite my best efforts, malware, adware and other malcontent crap is constantly running on it.
Other than that, I am very pleased so far. I'm just running my old non-Bluetooth Ipod via wire and it's not bad and phone calls work pretty well.
Next up (when the weather gets warmer for my fair-weather wife), the intercom.
I'll let you know how that goes.
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