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My day


Bike training 49 k.

Took AT for a spin that became a trip to my unofficial mechanic, to adjust the idle revs (I studied the soft stuff, ok)

AT revs repaired, but for some reason, black smoke coming from muffler.

Ok, after some revving, smoke cleared for a bit, strange engine noise however, somewhat... ugly, not smooth and slurpy as the usula AT.

Starting to leave mechanics farm... electrics completely gone.

Okay, we found some weird electrical circuit/conduit thingy near fuel pump, that seemed to be burned (I did mention that maybe it is that bad connection at the battery, but that idea was dismissed for being too easy). Cleared that one. Turned the key, got the clocks back.

Tried to start the engine, soft bang from the open circuit, slight smoke and nothing.

Cleaned the thingy again, got the clocks, lost the clocks. Checked the battery connection. No connection (I'd like to point out at this point, that I, lawyer, suggested it 40 minutes ago). Cleaned that connection.

Got the engine running again. Started limping home (50 k to go). Some weird "bad spark, weird pushing momentum in the revs" soon appeared.

Got lost in the highway intersection, went 10 k totally opposite direction.

It was fing cold.

Reaching city, idle revs never went below 3000 rpm when stopping in traffic. Well, that hadnt happened today, what's next.

Took the Anus Africanus to my friends garage, easier to plan repairs there.

Friend not home, jumpstarting his Volvo at the other side of the city. Garage doors locked.

Walked 3 k to the store and back, took beer for waiting, completely pissed at that point.

Finally, the damn bike is in a garage... now lets fix friends cat, who got injuries, I guess from the catfight. An IT tech and lawyer performing light surgery on a domestic cat.

Cat shat on the IT techs lap (to be fair, a little bit on my riding boots also).

If I didnt had Honda Africa Twin, I never could have gotten most of those things done today.

So how was your day?
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