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Originally Posted by The_Precious_Juice View Post
If the USA actually started to have small SUV off-raoding diesel cars, maybe I'd go back to having a cage instead of a MC. Hahaha.
you got on my other last nerve.
its incredible to me that some auto outfit hasn't jumped on the OBVIOUS hole in the market for a small, economical, and BULLETPROOF competitor to JEEP [sahara, et al...]
The local M/C dealer here is selling boatloads of the 4x4 "offroad" vehicles that are in huge demand - tons of innovation in that space.
why don't they just grow one a LITTLE...
Jeeps are horrible - go read any big forum where Owners post their gripes.
too big, way too expensive for the purpose, unreliable, ...
2wd is plenty. 4wd nice to have Sized like a Miata with some luggage racks above and behind
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