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Originally Posted by ADW View Post
Dan, I truly promise I'm NOT trying to be an internet dick about this, but why is the sidetone a great addition for you? I have it activated on mine and can't see what the value is in it. I know what I said, I don't need to hear myself saying it. What is it about the sidetone that is a great addition for you?
No offense taken; it may not be a useful feature for you.

I find that people often over-modulate signals by speaking too loudly into mics and too close to them. I'm not immune from that myself. Years of listening to public service radio transmissions (police, fire etc.) as a newspaper guy revealed that lots of folks just don't know how to talk into a mic properly.

Sidetone really helps with this. If you sound distorted and over-modulated to yourself, you probably sound that way to the other folks too. So I like being able to monitor my own level and as more people adopt sidetone they will be easier for me to understand too.

Bell Labs did a ton of work on this, getting just the right amount of sidetone to guard against people shouting into telephones and "swallowing" the mouthpiece, resulting in garbled speech.

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