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Originally Posted by stevh0 View Post
The front the the Mitas XT644. Its a great tire which offers good grip on both the road and off road. Its pretty good in sand too, if the pressures are right. I was originally planning on the 140 E07, but I figured the SE chews tires either way and I dont think the 140 will give much more mileage than the 130. So I went with it instead. It sort of works well on the narrow SE rim. I wouldn't run a 130 on the ADV rim.

The 130 is essentially a 650 tire and I think a slightly softer compound. I run it very hard to minimize cracking and delaminating due to heat buildup when riding fast on tar. I really abuse it, wheelies, hard pullaways high speed on tar and Its started to crack slightly. I think the more it wears down, the less prone to cracking further it will be.

Mitas E07, Heidenau K60 - Potato / Potato (somehow does not work when typing it)

Same thing. Off road, I really like the EO9 Dakar.
Although we keep hearing the Mitas tires will be available "soon" in the US, the best path right now seems to be through MX1 in Canada. I've had similar experience with cracking on the 908s early, regardless of pressure. Later in their lives I move them to the 690 where I try to eek out another grand, or so. My last 908 is sitting on the 690 at 4200mi and I'll be there's another 300mi easily left.
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