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Originally Posted by SpeedyR View Post
pretty much this thing eats tires for lunch. I've only put about 3k miles on mine so far (probably closer to 2500). The bike came with a semi worn 908, K60 and roached both of those pretty quickly (ok, I tossed the K60 after a few rides, not enough hook up off road). I also ran a MotoZ 140 that I have on it now. Here's what it looked like after about 200 miles of trails. Since then it's smoothed out a lot and doesn't seem like it's worn that much but I'm guessing I might get 800 miles out of it. Gotta pay to play right???

I've run a couple of off road only tires (MT16 and MT44) for strictly off road. I did run the MT16 on the pavement just to see what happened. pelted my riding buddy with chunks of rubber shortly after that experiment. The MT44 lasted better, but I was much more careful about the right grip. then i put ice studs in the tires and that was fun, but not enough snow/ice this year in the south. :) didn't figure I'd get ANY use for studded tires living in GA but you never know, right?

wait this is a photo thread not a tire thread!!

Ill pay all day to play

Im keen to try the Mitas C02 or the Stoneking on the bike. Might not see much mileage either, but they are very cheap.

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