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Originally Posted by Earth Rider View Post
I have been enjoying this a lot this year. This was the best game. Some of that Chann guy's tricks I have never seen done on flat I don't think? I am 38 and still play games of skate with teenagers.
I had never heard of the forward flip until sometime last year. I was playing some kid in skate and he goes "do a dolphin flip". I sat there looking like this . Thank goodness for youtube....and no I haven't learned the trick yet.

It decided to rain last night, so I went out to the indoor park. I kinda don't like going there because it's always a zoo of scooter kids. Thankfully there were maybe 4 or 5 other people there. Unfortunately I found that my crash this past weekend on my bike did something to my left leg. It's feeling like someone slugged my upper thigh with a bat. Eh push through and keep skating. I was glad I did, as I landed a nice 360 flip on the hip of the parks pyramid.

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