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Originally Posted by MarkN
Ouch! That looks like it might smart a bit. Hope you get better quick and get back to getting your leg over again soon.

I appreciate all the concern! I have anew well respected Orthopedic Doctor. The first guy did the ACL operation without an MRI after my first surgury which was to repair a suspected torn Minescus. Well to make a long story short My ACL was still intact when he got in there so he just put the new tendon over the old one. This created a situation that created a constant irrataion kind of like a big sliver. The last surgury removed every thing the first guy did. Its getting better but there is a strong possibility that I may need yet another surgury but I'm not real eagar to try that again, so I may settle for a less than perfect knee for awhile and see if lots of exersize will help. I also appreciate al of Flanny's photos, but the proves nothing except HE IS A GREAT RIDER EVEN ON A SOMEWHAT SLOWER MACHINE. Just think how fast he'd be on an ORANGE machine as we all know " THE ORANGE ONES ARE FASTER"
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