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i marvel somewhat at the amount of drivers that try to impede me daily. i mean, seriously folks. what kind of person is so miserable and resentful they think to block a motorcycle? i wish it was simply dumb on their part. but its not. its dangerous and they have no business doing it

now, we pass hundreds, even thousands of cars a day. many never see us passing, and so many more are courteous rather then dangerous to us. the amount of people who "make room" is astounding. and as a rider i really do appreciate it

but you know what? their are enough people who move over and try to block to notice. and its like i used to say about people in cars even when i drove a car. people are so brave when in their cars. these people i can assure you have quite serious issues with life

trying to stop a motorcycle from passing, and putting the rider at danger. someone tried to swipe me the other day. two SUV's rode inward on me as i split between them. BOTH of them

i would not bring it up if not for this thread and discussion. but i tend to look past these things when riding sometimes. because it happens a lot and is part of riding. and that is not going to ruin lane splitting for me. but honestly trying to hit or block a motorcycle on the road is an act of a sick mind. and WE always have to remember a few people are trying to hit us out there. with intent. and that is serious enough to consider every once in a awhile

i don't get mad, really. i hardly give it a thought now when riding because it happens. i don't question it. but sometimes i do think who are you in there, and what is your problem? i've been yelled at by some of these maniacs, too

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