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Finally got to ride today! The itch had been growing, nearly making me insane . This morning though, the winds of change came and blew the window of opportunity wide open.

The closest thing to a ride recently, until today, was hosting inmate Cody (cmkaduce), currently in Panama; Great adventure still in progress. If one cannot ride, ride vicariously.
Work was fun the next morning.

Now to the present: A minor clerical glitch had me at work this morning when in reality the VM training is not until the 10th. Next Saturday. I should have read the memo… Anyhow as I stood getting ready to leave the parking garage I stopped for a moment to look around.

Clear skies, mountains all around… WTF, time to ride!

I reached the city of Heredia looking for an ATM. I didn’t spot one on my route so I stared pointing myself north into the mountains.

The search for a bank took me off the normal route I would have taken so I rode around lost in/near Heredia for a while. A passing bus said Mercedes Norte in the window. Mercedes, I must be in a classy hood.

I was only lost for a little while as I soon stumbled across the primary route through Barva. I also found a bank!

I was set. I had cash, a full tank and a bunch of curves in front of me.
In the above pic: The route continues climbing to the right up and over the first ridge seen. At the top it drops a bit to another high ridge line which leads you to the peak further off in the distance. That peak is the still active Volcán Poás, sitting just over 7,500 feet.

Now that you know the route, enjoy the ride…

After the waterfall shot disaster stuck!

Not really as I luckily had the spare with me.

While I had the tools out, I snugged up the shiny new hardware I installed yesterday before work. I ruined the originals breaking them free and didn’t feel like cutting bolts.

All good… back on the road.

Poás is now much closer.

This was way better than being at the office learning about the virtual world.

In Poás it is customary to pick up some fresh strawberries. Only $4 for the big box!

Then the 4,500 foot decent home leaving the mountains/volcano behind me.

I took the route through San Pedro. In San Pedro I stopped for some fresh baked goods and coffee. I sat a while in central park before finishing the 16 kms back to reality.

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