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Per authorization from the almighty's of ADV riding (nobody) I'm posting this official ruling to clear thing up. Note this Rule from the first post of this thread:

"#4 Tag mascot (i.e. blockhead, chicken, etc.) is required to clame the tag. Please post your "bruced" pictures even if the tag mascot has already been taken. Tag claims must be posted within 12 hours of the 1st "bruced" photo. In the even no official tag claim is made within 12 hours, the person with the 1st "bruced" photo gets the tag and the honor of choosing the next Tag mascot."

For those that can't work out this ADVlegalese I'll cypher. It appears someone may have picked up the "mascot" and not posted a grab picture. So that leaves us at above rule #4. So now if someone else were to post up a tag location picture "Bruced picture" the mascot grabber would have 12 hours to post up a "tag claim" post per stated above rules.

If the alleged present mascot holded doesn't do that then the first Bruced tag claim gets the tag and the honor of choosing the next tag mascot.

Did I type too fast for anyone?

Game is still on and fully in play. mac and the unknown "H20rider have done nothing against the rules of this thread. So quit your fricking baby whining and go grab the tag. It's a fricking riding game and a fricking plastic/rubberr/glass/marble egg. The only person allowed to cry like a baby is the fool/fools that spent $12.95 on the glass egg/eggs that are lost or grabbed.

You're very welcome, And much to mac's dislike I may just grab this tag and move it to the middle of BFN West Texas shortly.....

Oh I like Tor's rule much better:

As to the rules........................they just cause strife.

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