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Volcán Barva, Heredia 4May14

I can’t freekin’ believe it! I got to ride two days in a row and it wasn’t for my daily commute . A friend of mine called and out of left field asked if we wanted to go to Volcán Barva. I was nearly there the day before on the long way home from work. There were too many people for his car so I HAD to go on the moto .

Here is how the route varied:

Entonces, from the city of Barva head straight up the mountain.

The road is paved for all but the last 6 kms. It is a delightful motorcycle road, barley wide enough for a car and a moto. Lot of twisties as you climb quickly off the chaos of the valley floor.

The first three kilometers of dirt are the public road which lead to the National Park entrance. I sadly chose not to ride this section, at least for now. It was very steep, rocky and washed out in many parts.

Even though everyone, including my wife said to ride it I decided it was best to park it and walk. You know, throw the prego wife a bone and be a nice guy. I was paranoid about leaving the bike in the open, so near to the asphalt down by the cars so I did ride a little ways up to find the perfect hiding place.

I knew he wouldn’t walk the entire three clicks. And they told me to ride it.

It was an awesome road and I can’t wait to come back to ride it. The best part was you felt so far away from the urban mess. You could see it sprawled out in front of you but there were none of the sounds or smells. No diesel smoke, horns, squeaking brakes, nothing. Only birds and wind yet I could see the mess, right there in front of me.

These were so tasty. Better than any other I had ever eaten. The wife agrees too. Mora de Montaña.

The road continues on to the park entrance. It is another three kms to the Barva crater. A second crater awaits you if you wish to walk two kms more. We could not do the second crater. We had gotten a late start and the weather was changing fast. Plus, my wife and my son and my friend’s mother with Alzheimer’s and her caretaker were waiting at the ranger station for us to return.

The Braulio Carillo National Park is 100,000 + acres. More than 90% of its area is covered in virgin rainforest. 135 species of mammals including multiple big cat species are cataloged. 600 + species of plants and 500 + species of birds as well. We could hear the Quetzals as we walked the trails. The Barva crater is 500 feet shy of 10,000. It is unearthly.

What a sweet place to live, in a volcano crater. Private lake, virgin rainforest, cats and only an hour from the airport!

While we were at the lake the rain began to fall. By the time we got back down to the ranger station it was raining harder. The aguacero never came so we stayed relatively dry as we walked the three kms down to the vehicles. The girls, and my son had hitched a ride 30 mins before we arrived.

The DR out of hiding and we slid down to the pavement as the rain left loose rocks and mud to be navigated.

I will come back one day and give this section of road its due justice. A camp out here would be amazing. Plus this is ADVrider, not ADVhiker and I didn’t ride the whole road. You can camp at the ranger station for $2 or anywhere nearby for free. Park entrance is $8 for gringos, $2 for locals.

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