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Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post
I am currently running the Trail Tech X2 HID on my 2009 690r. I have had it a few months more or less and have done 3-4 rides totaling maybe 20 hours on the low beam. Still working so far. They told me that everything is better now and it should last a long time but I guess I will actually SEE how long it lasts!
Hello Velociraptor,

I have a Trail Tech 36E3-70 Orange X2 70W HID Headlight that I am trying to install on a 2009 KTM 690 Enduro R . Question for you, it looked to me like a plug and play setup, however, when I took off the factory headlight, I see it connects into a 4 wire connector on the bike (H4 adapter plug), however the Trail Tech X2 has a 3 pin connector. Did you cut off the adapters and splice the wires pos to pos, neg to neg and 2 grounds on the KTM side to the Black wire on the X2 (ground according to a Trail Tech I called today) ? Trail Tech says that they can't help me since they didn't design the X2 HID to work on a 690 Enduro R !!!

Thanks much in advance.
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