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Around Moab... Utah

Sometimes the weather will just not quit telling us to move on as it happened while in Valley of the Gods and nearby Mokey Dugway, Gooseneck, Monument Valley. We took refuge, seemingly as it had happened in years past, in Bluff. Then came time to move on again while needing a real Internet connection, you guessed it maybe, for one more proofing of our book! It seems it is never going to end even if the finish line is getting very close.

This area of course is one of our favorite spaces with too many choices every day of roads and amazing sights. A bit crowded at times, but we get around it.The weather is our friend for now, nice and cool and even so snow projected at higher elevations. A bit of maintenance on Old Faithful including a new rear tire and we are again ready to explore what we have seen before, yet, always being as the first time.

While sheltered I was reading an interesting French book and for some reason decided to translate its first few pages having to do with the mystery of the beginning of times along with some photos taken in Arches National Park. That is what our new entry is all about. Much mystery and unanswered questions.


Till next time.

Stay well.

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