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Originally Posted by NoVa Rider View Post
I was just offering to put an egg in play. No pms, no handoffs. . .. If an inmate wants to swing by and retrieve an egg to put in play (that will look a lot like Cosmo), he/she is welcome. . ..
Feb 1, 2009. The game began with NO mascot.

March 7, 2009. Blockhead was introduced as the first mascot.

Blockhead went out of the game when in a location that could not be accessed at night and somebody tagged the closed gate. We got a new mascot.

On 5/23/09, Eggy was introduced by amadvikingjr in Post 486. It was not without controversy, just like now. For a while we had a chicken, duck, Blockhead was re-introduced, and there was a replacement chicken. This was CycleJohn on 5/27/09 while multiple mascots rode together:

It was getting to take up too much room and controversy. A note was added to the bag for the next person to delete a mascot and that's how we got down to Eggy.

Eggy disappeared in 2013 and while having a mascot for 4 years was cool, Eggy was not the point of the game. In fact, anybody making the tag can at any point remove or put in a new mascot. Just like losing a dog, you will never find an exact replacement, so I'd prefer to see something new and different. Somebody just needs to tag the spot and introduce a new mascot. Make it a plastic Buddha or purple dinosaur for all I care.

Please just get the game back in gear.
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