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Hello and thanks X1000

Hi there Dennis,
I meant to write for some time now but just didn't take time to sit down with the keyboard....
I don't mean to hand over a laurel wreath BUT I must say thank you so much for sharing your experience and writing your thoughts as you went from coast to coast.
I had a pretty bad bike accident in the summer of 2005 and went through three operations (over an 8 month period) in order to save what could be of my right arm.
Before that, I was a hard working guy trying to do his best to keep things as good as possible for his family and himself even if it meant working 60+hrs/week. I was pretty healthy back then (black belt karate, diving, sailing etc) but was not enjoying my life as everything had to get done almost as if to get it out of the way, waiting for that day when things would finally slow down....
So I wrecked my arm hard against an oncoming car and I've got some nasty scars, constant pain and loss of mobility to show for it BUT in the spring of 2013 (march the 28th), my surgeon told me that the bone healing process was pretty much OK (yeah, 8 years of hoping the bony plate would not break) and that I could put what stress I desired on my right arm!!
I therefore went and bought myself a bike in order to get my trembling worried ass back on trail!! I sold that one pretty quick and bought a GS adventure wanting to go on some long term riding (hence subscribing to ADVrider).
And then, my twenty years old son went and bought himself a Hypermotard (a month after getting his bike license and coming back from an eight month trip to Australia by himself and working to save some cash) which got me looking into Ducati on internet and there I found this youtube vid about Antihero on a Panigale coast to coast. I sold my (too clinicaly "perfect" but lacking fun factor for my liking) GS Adventure in order to buy what I thought would be a more lively ride in form of the KTM Adventure Up for sale now in order to buy a streetfighter 848 which is what I really lust after
I started reading your thread and I was hooked, deeply as if I was waiting for some of your words to wake me up and realise I was wasting precious time. It's not that I didn't know it, it's that I needed it to be said to me in such a way that I would get up and moving and working against my lasy self!!
"Dynamic duo" and "the fuck it attitude (Descartes)" are two of the great things you wrote that really stirred me and I must say thank you.
I've read your other threads and would like to offer a very welcome stay in my modest flat in Bastia (french island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea near Italy) showing you around this beautiful island (mountains in the sea, white sand beaches and twisty roads to your heart's content) -some of the official Ducati vids have been filmed here-.
I've cleared three weeks worth of free time for myself upcoming july (will be on my bike then of course but where is a big question mark which will be answered as the days unfold -I'll be taking the ferry to Italy or to France and will probably turn north since I don't look after hot weather riding as we have enough of that around here but after???). If it may be, I would really like to bump into you if our roads meet and if that would be to your liking.
I hope everything works out for your coming over to Europe but something tells me we're just at the beginning of discovering a great adventure as you get on with your great trip!!
Thanks again and keep the good writing coming

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