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Originally Posted by flyingz06 View Post
what is the rear tail bag? who's it made by?
Yep GR got it, Motofizz tail bag. This particular one has been on a number of bikes with me.

Originally Posted by Geology Rocks View Post
flying: That looks like a motofiz tail bag.

Did you sell the S10?! I like the new bike! I wasn't sure about the khaki color at first but it sure does look good!
Keeping the S10, but will be selling my '05 Vee.

Originally Posted by dman View Post
Highland Road? Really curious how you will like your new DL1K over time ... I was really thinking of a SuperTen to replace my DL650, but the new 1K is more appealing for everything except tougher dirt. Which of course I where the Strom is weak, at least in my less-than-confident hands. Meanwhile I need to ride a few more days to tick over 50K miles on my Wee.

Yep, Highland rd, breaking in the motor in your neck of the woods. Everything I can do to avoid open road. 600 miles now and maybe 50 of that freeway

Ask me again in 6 months, but for now the new Vee seems the better all around street bike, the S10 will shine wherever the dirt is more adventurous than hardpack road. The S10 does also have more room, which could make long days in the saddle more comfortable.
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