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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Hey Joe, I'd visit Australia just to meet you in person and hear more of your f'in jaw-dropping stories. Didn't know it was so cost-prohibitive to get a bike in and out, though....I'll have to figure something out when I make it a little closer. Course if you can make it to Europe....
You are too kind Dennis, too kind :) Sorry I've been out of touch for a while, my employer (a bank) has had me hot-desked in the bowels of Racoon City in a uber-secured no-outside-access intranet slaving away on a top-secret project. I'm not kidding - we team members weren't even allowed to talk about it to ourselves!! We all had to speak in code and were told whoever spoke about it openly even within the team would be fired. It was quite funny in a Yes Minister sort of way. Especially performing System and System Integration Testing on something someone can't actually talk about!

Am scanning flights as we speak (or write, rather). Would love to sneak a quick few days of Europe in; the other option is a few days in Asia? If you're going to be in Japan for the MotoGP let me know, my cousin & I are planning 1-2 weeks at MotoGP time. We're going to rent bikes and thrash about, get into the spirit of things. Let's just hope the Japanese Police look kindly upon such proclivities ;-)
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