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Originally Posted by QCRider View Post
Sounds like it was more of a "oh sh*t" moment than actual damage, which is a good thing. I like your "splitting in 1st gear only" rule. It took me some time before splitting lanes here, but I do now and then mainly when cars are stopped or crawling. And I'm always afraid of dumping the big pig right in the middle, which would be quite embarrasing to say the least...

I've meant to touch base with you for a while now and meet up for a ride. Let me know when you and the bike are back in shape, and we'll set up something if you're up for it.

Still enjoying your RR btw! You seem to find roads I've never been on yet. PV!
Thinking back on it, it was an oh shit moment and then some. If I hadn't broken my little rule, it would not have happened. I was in a hurry that day for no reason. I wasn't even running late for work like every other day of the week.

We should ride. There are ruins near by. A friend of mine paid for some obscure sales pitch/cheap tour to them this week. Says the road to it should be fun on a moto. There is also the small patch behind the wind farms TheDudeHimself and I missed due to darkness a few months ago, or, or, or...

This year's bag-o-parts is due to arrive soon. Nothing major but is prohibiting me from any rough roads and I am trying to stick to only the daily commutes. Once in top form I will drop you a line. Winter riding is always fun. I almost had to ride in tonight's little downpour...

Ride on everybody!
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