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progress on my LM1000 roadster is slow, as there's a lot of bullshit he POs did to straighten out.

This includes new triple clamps, steering bearings, new front fender mount, adapted front axle, brakes and -lines, new front dampers & oil etc.

However, here's a few details from the last weeks:

carbs cleaned and reassembled, I plan to use the plastic adapters seen on the carbs to install a 10cm aluminum tube to attach the K&N pods to. This should help with low-end torque.

polished triple clamp, new aluminum dashboard with original speedo&tach and aftermarket oiltemp. gauge. Lights should come from a V7

carbon fairing held up for measuring. this also needs to be sanded, fillered and painted. I'm planning now to do the tank in black, as well as the lower engine fairing. The sidecovers will be brushed or polished 1mm aluminum.

one of the countless details noone will ever notice: fender mounts, brushed ally

planned deadline was march 1st, but as it's still snowing here it's no problem. I still have to do the sidecovers, brakelines, seatcover, front electrics (d'oh!) and the final tune-up. wish me luck.

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