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No pics.. I suck. Close your eyes and imagine a badass DR and the jdrocks ninja-gravel-beast covered in crud and parked on a majestic moutain top overlooking a beautiful green valley. If I had pics they would be just like that..
picture me on the side of the road at 6AM Friday morning...out of freakin' gas.

that's how the day started, but it got way better in a hurry. gravel roads, then more gravel roads on a round about route as we made out way west. a late lunch at Highs, then 30 more miles of gravel to LF.

while stopped at the bridge at Marble Valley, the owner of the old farm house stopped to talk with us and reported that she had nearly been hit head on by a bike on Ramsey Gap/Archer, not happy that the guy was going way too fast to make the corner and ended up on her side of the road.

we saw only three vehicles in over 100 miles of gravel despite the roads being in the best shape ever, and two were pickups with dog boxes that we passed on the way out in soupy weather this morning. might have been exercising bear hounds.

nearly 1/2" of rain Friday night at LF, but little or no rain 1000" lower on the mountain. new logging operation at the top of the LF turnoff. friendly West Virginians offered beer in the evening, coffee in the morning. unless Dan says otherwise, we left 2 beers cooling in the creek, a calamity, we should go right back out there to rescue them.

hearty breakfast at the cafe in Durban, they actually let us in, even after nearly tossing us out the last time because Monsieur Nix kept staring at the waitress' ass. if the same cute girl was still there, we would have been eating breakfast in Monterey.

that's right folks, Shannon was a doggone trouble maker in the olden days.

great riding with Dan, and i think we were both glad i missed a turn and 20 more miles of gravel road Friday.
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