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Lots of fires burning throughout the region, just like every bad fire year. But this one is different, for me anyway. Update via fb from a local resident, posted one hour ago:

"...spent the afternoon driving around the Methow and down to Pateros to get a sense of what has happened. It is intense, people. What you can see from twisp and Winthrop doesn't begin to describe what the landscape now looks like south of Carlton. It is like a blackened moonscape on both sides of the road. It seems that most houses did survive, but occasionally, mostly south of Methow, there is simply a foundation with a lonely chimney standing in the middle. For several miles, the telephone/power poles are blackened stumps, and the power lines hang twisted and blackened in mid air, or lie like ropes on the ground. Above Carlton, & up Libby Creek, giant plumes of smoke still rise. Word at the Carlton general store was that Vinton Road was the source of one of these plumes. We continued onto Pateros, a scene of devastation. It seems that the fire mostly limited itself to a two block area, but everything in that area not made of stone or metal is simply gone. The metal itself is twisted, charred and disfigured not quite beyond recognition. It is easy to see what used to be a washing machine or dryer or refrigerator or a spiral staircase, even in their blackened and twisted state. It was incredibly poignant. A Reporter from Spokane who spoke with us had just come from Chilliquist. He said the devastation was worse there, as they had again no warning before evacuation. Most of the houses were charred, and dead cows were in the road. Back in twisp, the streets were mostly empty. In Winthrop, the sound of the blues festival seemed incongruous, as did the sight of tourists with lawn chairs walking towards the festival. It is all so surreal. Came back down to twisp after some hot dogs with Jim and Kathleen, and drove out a little ways to see what I can see. Sitting here at the Twisp airport, next to the runway, I can see Benson Creek fully in flames, the entire hillside glowing like the embers of a campfire. It still feels far away, but of course not far enough."

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