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Two really cool visualizations posted on the Chelan County Emergency Management facebook page. Really gives a perspective on what has/is happening. Who ever put these together is brilliant. I'm here in Chelan, and so many of my coworkers have lost homes who live Pateros and the lower Methow - the high school is being used to house refugees and pets, the rodeo grounds is housing large animals.

This winter the snows didn't arrive until late Jan/early Feb, but it fell mostly in the mountains - our sagebrush steppes received very little, which means that the usual moisture reserves are not there. During my early hikes it was alarming how dry the conditions were back in April and May. Some of my favorite places are going up in smoke and this is quite early in the fire season :-( I've been worried since last winter that this could be a bad year. I used to work as a fire lookout overlooking Aeneas Valley - 4 seasons and never saw anything like this (thank god).

Published on Jul 19, 2014
A fly through of the public MODIS+VIIRS Fire Data from the US Forest Service for the Carlton Complex Fire in Washington State. Includes a replay of the data over the past few days. The fly through starts at Brewster and Pateros, and then flies around the area including Alta Lake, Chelan, Methow, Carlton, Twisp, Winthrop, Malott, Okanogan, Omak.
You can download the raw data, including Google Earth data, used to create this video from the US Forest Serivce:

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