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Originally Posted by joefromsf
There's probably an interesting story here, but I'll be damned if I know. I came across this abandoned GS on a ride last year In Mendocino National Forest. Not a soul around. Since I was riding solo and not very experienced, it intimidated me enough to turn around, even though it cost me three hours extra riding.

For those in the area, this is the M5 crossing of the NF Cache Creek near Hough Springs.
If he came all the way down M5 from Goat Mountain then my guess is he got himself stuck by going to slow in the crossing. He was then unable to muscle the bike out of the mud and rock. A come-along is a good tool to carry, but there's usually a Jeep with a winch in the area (within 30 miles!)

Most all of those roads are of the 2 to 3 daily passersby type. I believe your best bet is to wait with the bike. The first passerby can help you out of the situation-or get help if that is in the cards. Enloe Hospital in Chico sells Helicopter Evac insurance for about $40 a year if you ride this area.

Seems to be about 1 Med Evac each weekend in my casual observation...though if this rider walked away I suppose they were not injured...

Toward Clear Lake south of Bartlett Springs:

I've never been stuck in a creek before, but the Bear Creek crossing has threatened to swallow me on more than one occaision. Frozen water crossings out there seem to be my nemesis on a bad day...

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