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Back on the Grom again

I forgot how fun this little bike is. Now with a 150 miles on it the engine is loosening up nicely and I find that it now has enough useful torque and power that you don't need to be constantly shifting like in the first 100 miles. I bet i will see things loosen up a bit more as the break in continues. It ain't fast in the least but is surprisingly capable.

One thing I have noticed on a few recent rides is the total lack of respect. The Harley guys won't even look. The BMW guys will look but give you a snooty face and you can just forget a waive. The crotch rocket folks will shake there heads and then pull a wheelie like they are telling me to buy a real bike. Even the scooter crowd looks the other way.

Also had a funny experience riding my Grom through Brier WA. That city has more cops then residence with insanely low speed limits. A few of the back roads in that city have 15 MPH speed zones. It used to be a pretty corrupt place and you did not even want to pass through it. Its not so bad now but they still have a pretty strict police department.

As I was on my Grom I passed by the cop who had pulled over someone. As the cop was lecturing the motorist he paused and gave me a very serious look. As i passed by him he was looking the bike over and then noticed the turn signals and license plate. He raised his brow and nodded his head like he never seen anything that silly and be street legal before. He did not stop me though!

On a more serious note for all Grom owners you have to be careful. I almost get hit every time I ride the Grom. Its just so small people just don't notice you. I have unofficially nick named it "Close Call" because my ride is full of close calls when I ride it.
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