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Originally Posted by DaBinChe View Post
Speed wise how does it compare to the elite110 and the sh150?

Size wise it ain't smaller then a scooter is it?

Great hooligan bike for sure.
As for acceleration to be honest sometimes it feels like the Grom can't get out of its own way. Its not that bad but you really have to use the gears since they are so spread out. A stock Grom will be no match compared to the Elite 110 and especially the SH150i. On the Elite 110 and the SH150i you just gun it and go. Miss a gear on a the Grom and its over in a drag race and the Grom may not keep up anyway.

As for top speed I can't completely comment yet. The Grom has a pretty tall 4th gear so it can achieve a pretty favorable top speed. Some have claimed a top speed in the mid 60's for a stock Grom. Seems a bit far fetched to me but I have had it up to 55 MPH and it was no sweat off its back. The problem with the Grom is aerodynamics and the lack of HP. The gearing may allow it to reach a 70 MPH but it just does not have the power.

So in a nutshell the Grom accelerates the slowest of the 2 but will eventually go faster then the Elite 110. The SH150i would have a slightly higher and sustainable top speed.

Size wise the Grom is surprisingly comfortable and roomy. Its actually very scooter like without the storage or automatic CVT drive. Wheelbase is likely pretty close to what most scooters have. However side by side it does look a lot smaller.

For me the Grom works best just riding over to my folks place on 25 to 35 MPH back roads and when I don't need to carry anything. I have commuted on it a few times. However some of the drivers are fast despite 25 to 35 MPH limits and the Grom struggles slightly on a 45 MPH stretch when I need to go 50 to 55 MPH. Interestingly the Elite 110 has no issue on this road however I have accidentally bounced off the rev limiter a few times on the Elite 110.
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