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Thumb XR650R Rubber mounted handlebars with SUB

OK you XR650R Dual Sport Adventurers! Iím trying to put together a group buy for a custom made triple clamp that uses the CRF450 rubber mounts and ALSO has mounts for a SUB mount damper for our XR650Rs.

This should greatly reduce the handlebar vibration and shock impact. Also, it should be a LOT better for any electronics (GPS, digital speedometers) you want to run on the bike.

Iím looking at getting the triple clamp and SUB mount ONLY. This gives a lot of possibilities. You get rubber-mounted bars right away. Guys that already have a damper can use what they have. Guys that donít want a damper right a way can hold off and get it later. If you already have the SUB damper, you can upgrade to rubber-mounted bars and eBay the old stuff.

I donít have any prices right now but I think we will get a real good deal compared to whatís available right now WITHOUT rubber-mounted bars. BE ADVISED that the buy will not be for awhile, probably a month or soÖ

THIS MAY BE A ONE SHOT DEAL! NO ONE MAKES A RUBBER-MOUNTED HANDLEBAR SETUP FOR THE XR650R!!! Iíve written to all the companies that do SUB mounts and they all said they would NOT do a rubber-mounted version for the XR650R!!!

If you have any interest, please let me know now, you MAY NOT get a second shot at this once the order has been placed.

Tom Doherty
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