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Originally Posted by michaelyogi View Post
All the concrete was badly damaged, fire cracked and spalled. Adjuster wrote it all off. We start with a clean slate.
I'm rather excited about this prospect. I work as a lead carpenter in our area. I've gotten to be involved with some rather nice houses over the past couple of decades. Here's one recent example... Cast Architecture.
Now I probably won't build this modern/sterile, after all, I live in the Methow and a Met-house has got to have some funk! I get to play on a house of my own! Sahweet.
Our plan is to rebuild the barn this fall and work on the plans/premitting for the house, this winter. Start up in spring...
I'm glad that they are letting you start at the ground level, it gives you an exciting project ahead after enduring such a life changing event.
We had an insurance pay out because of a neighbor felling his tree through our house, i only wish we could've started at the footings & totally rebuilt rather than upgrading on a previous design footprint.
Thanks for the link to Cast, i worked in the tilt up business years ago when it was branching off into the custom residential market.
I would like to follow your rebuild, maybe start a new thread covering the rebuiding of homes in the area, & post a link.

All the best with this new start. Good luck.
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