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UPDATE:XR650R Rubber mounted handlebars with SUB


All this is VERY tentative right now. Iíve been researching this for months and even went as far as buying a triple clamp for the CRF450 off eBay. After taking a look at it I found that it needs a LOT of modification. I started talking to Michael who modified the CFR450 clamps for the XR650R, but he used the CRF450 forks as well. They are the upside down jobs and much larger diameter than the XR. Michael also made his own SUB damper mount before anyone else came up with the idea.

He told me to try Ron Wallace of RSW Racing. Ronís web site is: I talked to Ron Friday and heís somewhat interested in the project and we need to hash out the details. He said he needed about 5 units to break even on the development work to make it worthwhile, and now I have people interested in 9 units. The interest is higher than I expected.

He currently has triple clamps for the XR650R, but they, like all the other manufactures, donít have the rubber mounts. Michael is willing to give Ron the information to make the SUB mount. What Iím trying to do is get Ron to work up a deluxe triple clamp kit that will be similar to the BRP SUB setup for the CRF only fit the XR.

I already talked to BRP and they said they wouldnít be doing a rubber-mounted kit for our bikes. I also tried several other places as well. No one has any interest in such a low volume fab. Fortunately, Ron seems willing to do this in the hopes that it will become popular. I told Ron that the XR650R is becoming a popular bike to Dual Sport and he would be in the catbird seat if he could offer something that no one else hasí

You can check out the normal clamps Ronís site. Iím hoping that I can get Ron to work up a prototype that I can test and once we get it dialed in, he can go into production. He will have to front some bucks for the tool that makes the cones for the rubber washers and also come up with the SUB mount as well.

I think this is an excellent project as the little riding I have done on the XR650R sure makes bar vibration a priority, for me anyway. We havenít even talked prices at this stage, but I would be willing to pay the BRP price if it meant getting rubber mounted bars. If it works out cheaper then that's gravy...

So, as you can see, this may or may not get off the ground. I was going to go with the BRP kit, but Iím willing to hold off for a better solution, how about you?

Tom D.

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