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Originally Posted by Trailsurfer
Check out the flex bars from, I know some guys that are very happy with them. I think they may do what you are looking for.

I use the BRP sub-mount and am very happy with it. I don't know if the flex bars will work with the sub-mount but I believe they will.
Hey TrailSurfer,

I have already looked into the flex bars. I asked around and several people told me they are great for shock impact (landing a jump) but not so hot damping vibration. While they do have rubber bumpers, there still is a direct metal-to-metal connection at the hinge.

Iíd rather put the $$ toward a SUB mount damper with rubber isolated bars. Iím also going to fill the bar ends with lead birdshot using silicone caulk to seal on each side of the birdshot. Iíve heard this is very effective for vibration dampening as the lead shot absorbs more energy than solid weights. This is the principal with a Dead blow hammer.
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