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Originally Posted by holycaveman
change to 20wt fork oil and a fork brace, you will think its a different bike
He's only 150#, 15 wt or ATF might be a better choice.

5 psi in the forks is free, not recommended as the fork seals aren't made for pressure and could blow, but haven't heard of any issues. use at your own risk.

You can try all three oil weights for like $20.

new alum bars are anywhere from $20 to $100.

Progressive front springs are $70.

fork brace is about 130

racetech's are 150-200 (I haven't looked lately). It is like changing fork oil plus drilling a hole in each fork to disable the existing valve.

Do it all and you have an awesome front end, but way more than needed for washboards and limited technical.
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