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Originally Posted by timdog
I just replaced the springs with progressive in my '05. Not really impressed with the improvements. (I am 190lbs and like to jump the bike over small jumps, maybe I am asking for too much) I was thinking about changing to 15wt. My question is this: Do you just use regular motor oil? And can you measure the amount as you add it? Or do you have to remove the springs and use a dipstick to measure it?
FYI...good prcedures here

Changing oil: 355mL
Disassembly and completely dry: 420 +/- 4mL
Oil rating: Kayaba G-10
Viscosity: SAE 10W20
Fork oil Level: 190 +/- 2mm below the top end of the inner tube
NOTE: The weight specification comes from the service manual, and is apparently only sold as an "official" Kawasaki item. I use PJ1 Fork Oil, and have chosen 15 H.V.I. as the right weight for my style of riding.
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