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Originally Posted by BikePilot
Congrats, I'm sure you'll like it.

I would have the liner or a waterproof over-jacket (my perference) with you on those 55F mornings. Frankly, I'd freeze wearing mesh in 55 F weather, but then I don't really have any wind protection either.

In 20F weather you'll want an extra layer or two under the jacket, but will be fine. An electric vest is nice, but not necessary ( I commuted year round for several years in NoVA without one and survived. This past winter was my first with one and I must admit I'm adicted:)).
Thanks for the tips. I don't plan on going anywhere without the liners unless it's the middle of the summer or I'm going on a long trip.

It probably doesn't compare to riding with the Kevlar gear but my reference point is that I can do short rides (less than 1 hour) wearing just jeans in temps. down to 50 deg. F as long as I'm wearing a warm jacket (liner in) and warm gloves.

I'm not real informed on the bulk or cost of thermal underclothes that would keep me warm under the Aero Tex liners down to 20 deg. F. I'm hoping that a medium-weight (Polartec 200?), snug-fitting lycra/poly layer capable of wicking away moisture would work so I can keep the uninsulated fit of the gear as close to ideal as possible.

Not to change the subject, but does anyone have any suggestions?
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