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suggestions which i've placed with my order for pants:

1) no logo on the front flap. I'm a plain jane type of guy.
2) Wayne said the elastic-like (??) waist band will go up and down several inches. I asked him to make mine +1 to +2 inches since, having a 31" waist, isn't likely to get smaller, but eventually will probly get bigger

For the jacket, which I plan to buy maybe next year after I wear out my revit air-flow...:

1) full, closable, cross-strapping high neck. That's right... turtleneck style. Just how i like it.
2) small forearm pocket like Gringo referenced from the "stich"
3) Tightening straps on the upper and lower arms to take out slack. If you haven't seen them, check out the revit airflow jacket's version of this. I don't know if cycleport has such a thing, but it's basically a flap that attached to 2 different snaps. You can loosen and tighten depending on underclothing so that your sleeves aren't flapping in the breeze.
4) if you want more visibility stripes...

One more suggestion on the mesh vs stretch debate.
I live in Florida. For 7-9 months, it's the surface of the freakin sun hot outside. I grew up in Kansas. Get's really cold in the winter.

You can ALWAYS put more clothes on. You can't always take em off.
I expressed my concerns about heat and cold to Wayne and he said with nothing but a pair of jeans and the un-insulated liner, you can easily ride in weather down to the 20's.

Wayne sent me a small envelope of sample fabrics. The mesh certainly seems stronger. Just is a thicker weave. I was worried about comfort, but really, the inside sleeve-like liner will be what you feel and it's the same in both types. He also sent a small document showing the strength and tear resistance ratings of mesh and stretch vs leather, cordura, etc.
I'll try to dig it up this weekend and scan it and put it on here.

If I can find the small pieces of fabric, I"ll post here and if anyone wants them, I'll send them in the mail. Kindof a pass-it-on type of thing.
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