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Thanks for the recommendations. I will consider all and probably request many that you suggested. I especially like the sleeve (and possibly leg?) tensioners you mentioned. That would make it easier to fit larger layers underneath in colder weather but still allow a close fit when it's warm. I was also considering subdued (black) retro-reflective stripes instead of the white (if available).

Originally Posted by datchew
He also sent a small document showing the strength and tear resistance ratings of mesh and stretch vs leather, cordura, etc.
I think the tear and abrasion strength list you're referring to is listed on the website under "save your hide".

I've asked Wayne for some high-resolution pics of his standard color schemes. If I get them, I'll be sure to post to this thread so others can see. I think there are some, myself included, that would still like to see a few more detailed pics of this gear.
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