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Originally Posted by harderkev

I can't help but feel a little put-off by this response. I didn't think I was asking for too much but that sure is what his last comment sounds like. Am I one of the those overly demanding consumers I dismissed earlier?

I'm going to give him a call and try to work this out.
I wouldn't sweat it.
I'm not saying your requests are crazy or anything, but they are rather extensive. I can understand him not wanting to make major changes to his design. The neck though... hmm, personally I'd REALLY want a higher neck.

Personally, I'm willing to trust his judgement on such things.
he's sold alot of this stuff for a long time and has a solid reputation on it.

As for Charles' mesh jacket without the top pockets... he let me ride over and see it before I placed my order. It looks good. Very clean. No offense to Wayne's stuff, but it looks more like a motorcycle riding suit and less like a photographer's vest. The red trim looks slick too. Just don't get carried away or you'll look like spiderman.
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