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Originally Posted by datchew
I wouldn't sweat it.
I'm not saying your requests are crazy or anything, but they are rather extensive. I can understand him not wanting to make major changes to his design. The neck though... hmm, personally I'd REALLY want a higher neck.

Personally, I'm willing to trust his judgement on such things.
he's sold alot of this stuff for a long time and has a solid reputation on it.

As for Charles' mesh jacket without the top pockets... he let me ride over and see it before I placed my order. It looks good. Very clean. No offense to Wayne's stuff, but it looks more like a motorcycle riding suit and less like a photographer's vest. The red trim looks slick too. Just don't get carried away or you'll look like spiderman.
I talked with Wayne today about my order. It seems the biggest issue was with my request for the Air Tex liner inserts for the jacket pockets. Although this sounds (to me) simple enough to do, Wayne said this would be very expensive and time-consuming because it deviates from the usual production process. I might try and just get the material and make those myself later if I still want them.

Wayne told me it is not uncomfortable to have things in the liner pockets or in the pockets of clothing under the gear. Wayne said he primarily uses his pants pockets under the gear because it is very easy to get into them through the overpants.

Wayne said a production run for standard colors will be completed in about 3 weeks. Unfortunately my color scheme is not included in this run. Wayne also said any color other than black on the lower legs of the pants gets dirty very quickly. Wayne suggested I stay with all black pants and only get colors on the cargo pockets, if I want.

Wayne told me the Air Tex liner has a standard 3" tall collar and the Ultra II Air Mesh jacket comes with a standard 1.5" collar. Velcro instead of snaps is no problem.
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