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cold weather & mesh kevlar

For those inquiring about stretch kevlar vs. mesh kevlar...

I own the Air Mesh Kevlar jacket and I ride year-round in Chicago. I haven't yet gone through the summer heat here in my mesh kevlar gear, but I have been out on harsh winter days. Here's a rough breakdown of my temperature tolerances in the mesh kevlar. I typically ride 45-60 minutes in this setup on an BMW 1150GS with standard windshield.

55 degrees on up - just the outer mesh kevlar shell
45 to 55 degrees - add the uninsulated liner
30ish to 45 degrees - add the insulated liner
25ish and below - I add my Gerbing electric jacket liner

45 and up - just the outer mesh kevlar shell
below 45 - add the uninsulated liner
below 15ish - I add long underwear

I'm something of a cold wimp, but I have never *ever* been cold on my bike in this gear. (I've been down to about 3 degrees fahrenheit, not including wind chill.) The electrics help when it's bitterly cold outside, of course. I wore an Aerostich Darien for two years and never got cold either. But I also couldn't bring myself to wear the Darien above 75 degrees which, in Chicago, is a huge portion of the year.

And my customer service with Wayne has been the single best customer service I've received from any company of any kind.

If any Chicagoans have questions or comments, feel free to contact me privately.

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